Sea-Doo Prices

Sea-Doo Prices 2022: Price Chart, Detailed Comparison, and Buying Tips

Sea-Doo is an extremely popular brand of personal watercraft, prized by many over Yamaha and Kawasaki because of its comfort, reliability, and ease of use. Sea-Doo is also known for having some of the lowest-priced PWCs on the market.

Not only that, Sea-Doo makes a wide range of vehicles appropriate for not only single riders, but also for tow sports, fishing, touring, and families. If you are looking for your first personal watercraft, you can’t go wrong with a Sea-Doo.

For first-time buyers, however, navigating the world of Sea-Doo prices can be tough. Everyone wants to get the best deal possible, but finding that deal isn’t always easy. Should you buy direct from the factory, or find a small, local dealer near you? What about secondhand models?

We put together this guide to Sea-Doo pricing in 2022 to help first-time buyers and Sea-Doo aficionados better understand the pricing options available for Sea-Doos today. We’ll compare prices for all 2022 Sea-Doo models, and discuss the differences between factory deals vs. dealer deals, prices for last season’s models, and the pros and cons of buying secondhand.

Manufacturer Recommended Retail Prices 2022

The Manufacturer Recommended Retail Prices (MRRP) or Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is what Sea-Doo recommends their PWCs be sold for. The price includes the baseline cost of the PWC without any additional add-ons.

When you go online to the Sea-Doo website, this is the price you will see listed for their products. The price includes the cost of freight (i.e shipping the product to you.) Depending on your geographic location, there may be some additional taxes and transit fees.

Below is a breakdown of the MRRPs of all the 2022 Sea-Doo models across their Rec-Lite, Recreation, Touring, Performance, and Fishing categories.


Spark Trixx$12,389


GTI SE$18,309


GTC Limited$30,229



Tow Sports

Wake Pro$26,829

Sport Fishing

Fish Pro Scout$19,929
Fish Pro Sport$23,029
Fish Pro Trophy$27,629

As you can see, the Sea-Doo Rec-Lite options are quite reasonably priced, and are a good option for a first-time rider just getting acquainted with the world of PWCs.

For seasoned pros, the Performance line offers a range of prices, while fishermen will find the Fish Pro Scout to be an affordable fishing ski.

Factory Offer vs. Dealer Offers

When you choose a Sea-Doo model through the official Sea-Doo website or use the website’s customization wizard to build your own, you’ll notice that there is no option to “Checkout” or “Buy.” That’s because you don’t buy direct from Sea-Doo. You buy from one of their authorized dealers.

When you request a quote from the Sea-Doo website, your information will be shared with a local Sea-Doo dealer in your area or state. The licensed dealer will then contact you to discuss the quote and finish the purchase.

Dealers who operate as official Sea-Doo retailers may list their products at slightly less than the MRRP, to encourage people to buy from them instead of competitors. However, they may also artificially inflate the price so they can make you feel like you’re getting a deal when you enter into negotiations.

As an example, here are some Sea-Doo prices listed at various Sea-Doo retailers around the United States.

DealerLocationModelMSRPDealer Price
Del Amo MotorsportsCaliforniaGTI SE 130$11,899$11,799
Central Florida PowersportsFloridaGTI SE 130$11,899$11,099
Ride Now AustinTexasGTI SE 130$11,899$11,099

As you can see, buying your Sea-Doo from a dealer in Florida could save you a bundle over buying in California. That’s good news for Florida residents.

If you live in a different locale than the best deal, you’ll need to take into consideration extra shipping costs. The price indicated usually only includes local freight.

Tips for Buying a New Sea-Doo

Here are some ways you can ensure that you’re getting the best deal from the dealer on your new ski.


There is always room to negotiate with the dealer, especially if you want a customized ride or a lot of add-ons. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and push for wiggle room on prices. When it comes to small upgrades that don’t cost the dealership a lot of money, dealers are often willing to come down in price so they can guarantee a sale.

Come Ready to Buy

“Cash is king” is not just a saying: it’s the truth. If you come to a dealership with cash in hand, ready to buy, you will put yourself in a much stronger position to negotiate. Dealers will often be willing to give you a better deal than they would for someone who will need to get approved for a loan.

Look for Promotions and Discounts

Dealers run promos and discounts all the time to entice new buyers in the door. In addition to a lower retail price than the MSRP, a dealer may run a deal at the end of the year to try and move units that haven’t sold yet. They may also run deals during the slow season to drum up business.

Check back with your local dealer frequently, and try to avoid buying during the high season when promos are less likely to run.

Pre-Owned, Older, and SecondHand Models

For first-time buyers, buying a used or secondhand Sea-Doo is often a better idea than buying new. Why? Buying used gives you a chance to test the waters (no pun intended) at a significantly lower price than shelling out for a new model.

Additionally, secondhand models hold their value much better than new models. If you realize that PWCs aren’t your thing after all and sell it fairly quickly, you’ll often be able to recoup almost what you paid for a secondhand PWC. The same can’t be said for a new model.

Pre-Owned vs. Secondhand

A pre-owned model is usually sold by a dealer, and is often a model from a previous but still relatively recent year. A secondhand model, on the other hand, is sold by the owner, and may be very old.

The benefit of buying pre-owned is that you still get to go through a dealer, and you may be able to take advantage of things like warranties, repair guarantees, or a return policy. Buying secondhand, you won’t get any of those things, and the skis you’ll find will usually be quite old, but you will usually be able to find a PWC at a much, much lower price.

Here’s an example of some pre-owned prices compared to the 2022 prices.

Model2022 MRRP2021 Pre-Owned Price
GTR 230$20,729$14,981
Spark Trixx$12,389$9980
GTX 170$21,129$14,981

Pros and Cons of Buying Pre-Owned or Secondhand


  • You can find almost the same model at a much lower price
  • Secondhand models are less attractive to thieves and vandals
  • You can often sell it for almost what you bought it for


  • You won’t be able to customize it
  • You won’t get the added perks of a factory warranty, guaranteed repairs
  • You don’t always know what you’re getting and there could be problems you don’t see

Boat Shows

Buying a PWC at a boat show might be the way to score a great deal. Some manufacturers offer discounts to dealers on products if the dealer intends to sell that product at a show. This is to encourage the dealer to attend the show, which increases the manufacturer’s brand visibility. The dealers then pass the savings along to you.

Often, these deals don’t last. So the deal you see at a show might only be good for that weekend. The same product in regular stock at the dealership could run you significantly more.

Tips for Buying at a Boat Show

Buying at a boat show can be a minefield. Follow these tips to avoid making a mistake.

Research Before You Go

You should come to the show knowing exactly what model you want and how much you expect to spend. Set a maximum budget and stick to it. Write down any questions you have so the dealer can answer them at the show.

Don’t Get Distracted!

Boat shows are full of dazzling, exciting toys and it can be easy to end up adding on a lot of accessories, or buying something completely different from what you went there for. Stick to the plan and don’t get distracted by the shiny things.

Check Your Credit Score

Unless you have cash in hand, the dealer is going to want to see your credit score when you apply for a loan. Typically, a score of 720 or higher is preferred. You don’t want to show up for the two-day-only deal only to discover your credit isn’t good enough to qualify for a loan.


Buying a Sea-Doo is an exciting event! It doesn’t need to be a headache. If this is your first time buying, consider a secondhand or pre-owned model that will allow you to test the waters before committing to the full sticker price.

If you are set on a new 2022 model, make sure you do your research, and get acquainted with your local dealership to understand what kinds of deals and promos they run, and when. Consider buying from a boat show or other dealership event to take advantage of special, limited-time discounts offered by manufacturers.